Homeless People

ASLAN serves the practical, mental and spiritual needs of those who are homeless or vulnerably housed.

Who We Are

The All Souls Local Action Network (ASLAN) began as a tea run back in 1988, and since then has grown into a number of projects working with homeless people across London’s West End.

What We Do

ASLAN run a variety of initiatives including sandwich making for the weekly tea run, entertainment evenings which include a cooked dinner and in the winter months, we host a shelter.

The team are committed to manifesting God’s love to homeless people through their actions: by addressing physical, mental and spiritual needs; by giving help and affection without preconditions; by transmitting their joy in Christ; and by steadily improving stands of care and support, with God’s guidance.

Why We Do It

In the Bible, we read how Jesus healed the sick, fed the hungry, befriended the lonely and taught the Kingdom of God wherever he went. Following in his example, ASLAN’s ministries meet a wide range of needs: from shelter, food and clothing to friendship, help with paperwork and much more.

Find out more about ASLAN at allsouls.org/aslan