All Souls Serve The City

We exist to see everyone in London flourish in body and soul

London is home to 100 billionaires, 66 Michelin-starred restaurants, and more 5-star hotels than anywhere else on the planet. But behind the gloss and glamour of our iconic city, many of our neighbours are isolated, overlooked and exploited. Many have lost hope, and have nowhere to turn. We believe that every single person in London matters to God. We believe that, as the people of God, we are called to love our neighbours in word and deed, and to fight injustice. And so, rooted in the life of All Souls Church, we exist to see everyone in London flourish in body and soul. Welcome to All Souls Serve the City.

We seek to serve those who are isolated, overlooked and exploited, bringing the message and ministry of Jesus.


To those affected by homelessness, ASLAN offers individualised care, support and friendship

Children and Families

For children and families at our Church of England School, we aim to champion wellbeing and foster an environment where every child can flourish

Senior Care

For those who are seniors, we seek out the isolated, housebound, and lonely, providing much needed care, support and friendship, with the hope of bringing them into a community with Christ


To those in the sex industry who may have been affected by sexual exploitation, human trafficking or modern slavery, Tamar restores hope and provides unconditional support

Hot off the press:

We are launching our first ever strategic plan for our umbrella organisation, All Souls Serve the City. Beginning in September 2024, and over the coming three years, we will be working towards various goals, aiming to have the greatest impact overall. One highlight for us is to emerge as leaders of “Christian befriending”.

The Strategic Planning Committee, in collaboration with the Board and Staff, further clarified the foundational principles guiding ASSTC's service. Our work is based upon a gospel-centred holistic approach, sharing God’s love in both word and deed. This specific ethos informs every aspect of our work, from how we serve to how we communicate about our service with our volunteers and partners.

The centrepiece of the Strategic Planning Project is the identification of six Strategic Priorities, guiding ASSTC's strategic roadmap for the next three years. The driving priority is the creation of a Christian Befriending scheme applicable across all the ministries which embodies a commitment to meaningful Christ-centred relationships with all those we serve. The remaining priorities include integrated operations, staff development, communication, data optimisation, and efficient resource utilisation. Together, all these will propel ASSTC towards its vision of transformative impact, in the parish and beyond.

There is much to do to serve our city: will you join us?


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