All Souls Serve The City

We exist to see everyone in London flourish in body and soul

London is home to 100 billionaires, 66 Michelin-starred restaurants, and more 5-star hotels than anywhere else on the planet. But behind the gloss and glamour of our iconic city, many of our neighbours are isolated, overlooked and exploited. Many have lost hope, and have nowhere to turn. We believe that every single person in London matters to God. We believe that, as the people of God, we are called to love our neighbours in word and deed, and to fight injustice. And so, rooted in the life of All Souls Church, we exist to see everyone in London flourish in body and soul. Welcome to All Souls Serve the City.


Tamar is a team of volunteer women who aim to restore hope to people exploited in the sex industry


ASLAN seeks to manifest God’s love to people affected by homelessness

Senior Care

Serving senior members of our local community through our befriending scheme and weekly lunch club

Schools Work

After-school activities for children from All Souls Primary School

There is much to do to serve our city: will you join us?

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